Chesterwood Village

April 15, 2016

Chesterwood Village.  On November 28, 2014, members of the St. Susanna Knights of Columbus were on hand to assist elderly residents of Cesterwood Village from their room to the Chapel to attend mass led by our own Chaplin, Father Bishop.  They also assisted with the mass, and with getting the residents back to their room.  This service provided the opportunity for many elderly who normally would not have the ability to attend a regular mass at St. Susanna, to have the Mass come to them with some assistance from our Brother Knights.   This effort was planned and executed beautifully by SK Bill Bross.  Photos were taken by Brother Knight Mark Ramirez’s daughter, Emily Ramirez.  She did a wonderful job of capturing the beauty of the event.

Many thanks to our Brother Knights in attendance: FR. SK Jerome BISHOP, SK Matt Bennie, George Pitstick, Mark Remarez, SK Tom O'Rourke, SK John Mushaben, SK Paul Sobol, John Sikorski, Dan Kensill & SK Bill Bross.  Also helping out from St. Susanna were Eloise Pitstick, Carol Kensill, Maryu Ann Vossler and Mary Jean Waldbillig. 

Following mass, SK Bill Bross talked the CWV Management in letting them dish up some ice cream.  That turned out to be a big hit for the Knights and some of the other residents who came by.  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, and made possible by the presence of our St. Susann Knights and their willingness to serve.

This was a great turn out of the Knights and we have one more opportunity for this service again!  Please mark your calendars for Sunday, December 14 at 9AM for the Sunday Communion Service.          Please call Bill Bross (below) to let him know if you can help on 12/14 or if you have any questions.   No training required, your presence is all that is needed! 

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